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    About Khayma.com and MuslimTents.com

    Khayma.com was one of the first Arabic sites on the web. It was established in 1997 as the first Arabic site offering free Arabic web hosting. In 1999 MuslimTents.com was added for free English web hosting
    Khayma.com and MuslimTents.com Reach 7 Million Page Views a Month

    Traffic has increased steadily on khayma.com and MuslimTents.com reaching 7 million page views per month recently and is expected to reach 8 million per month during the coming year

    Pay-Per-Month Program

    We are currently advertising using the pay-per-month program. This means that your ad is shown in rotation along with other ads a whole month for a fixed cheap fee. A month worth of advertising will only cost you $280 US Dollars. We guarentee at least 500,000 banner views of your ad

    Advertising Conditions

    Banner must be 468X60 in size. If you don't have a banner, we will gladly design one for your for FREE! Banner content must not contain anything against the teachings of Islam and we reserve the right to cancel the account if this rule is violated. We will start running your ad as soon as your payment is received

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